Changing cloud db with web&php

unfortunately i couldn't instar Redis on my host therefore i cannot use cloud Db. therefore in app WHERE IS THE BUS i want to change cloud Db commands with Web1 commands. could you please help me?

A link to "Where is the bus" might help ?

page link:

and aia file:


I would suggest that if cloudDB cannot be used then try this instead:

or one of the other tinywebdb php variants (search the forum), which should be fairly straight forward to convert from cloudDB.

OK. You are unable to build a Redis server. Then why not use a FirebaseDB instead of the CloudDB. The similar Firebase controls are more or less directly interchangeable with the CloudDB controls in that tutorial. :slight_smile:

It is not clear how you would use the Web object to do something similar other than to use a GoogleSheet on your GoogleDrive.

Hi Steve,
unfortunately we haven't access to credit card(Visa,Master,...) for completing registration on Firebase. On the other hand, we are disconnected from some Google services and we have to access it with a VPN or Proxy, which is certainly not good. So my only option is to use a host and I have to use it.
Now I have created the table and database on the host and I have connected to it with php and I need to modify the App in this direction.

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thanks i will check it and come back :blush: