Change Text when Bluetooth disconnected

I only corrected the bug with the BT module disconnection notification. I think that the BT extension is used for pairing devices, and the built-in component for the communication itself. The application is in the development phase, I believe that in the end it will be cleared of unnecessary things.

Hello Chris and thank you too for your interest!!!! I don't use ble in this project perhaps i will add it to the future if i will plan to have it compatible with ble devices. I use a tinyDB to store the mac address of the HC-05. so when the programm initializes it finds the last address that was paired before. I definately make corrections to the final app and i will post it to tell me your opinion as experts. This is for home use. I am refrigerator technician and this will help me to set up refrigerators. Thank you once again all!!!!

Hi again

Going through your App once more, there isn't any reason I can see to use more than two screens (one being a 'splash'). The Main Screen should have all the code, which would seriously reduce complexity. You could in fact use just one Screen because the 'splash' can be a Vertical Arrangement displayed via a timer, and the Main can be on a separate Vertical Arrangement. These are actually known as 'Virtual' Screens, displayed one-at-a-time as required.

See the like

Do mean that?

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