Change appinventor.ai_username.projectname.screename

how do i change appinventor.ai_username.projectname.screename, it look bad. i see it in Activity Launcher sorry my English is bad

Search the forum, this question has been asked and answered many times.
→ "change package name"

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How to successfully rename the package name of an App Inventor app



:frowning_face: But apk studio 1.0.02 dwnload link not working.

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First, I used apktool for decompile and Find and Replace package name and compile,
Finally used APK Editor for sign and save apk,
But Output apk, dont work. Why?

Recent Offline Version of appinventor, noticed error when building apk, But in online version work fine.

I find many "appinventor" word, after decompile apk, is that normal?

Finally , its work. thanks.