Cannot find CSV file on my phone

App function: Record basic event data and time it (with start time and duration)
Works: Creating the CSV according to the app, reading the 'file' created, adding to the file etc.
Problem: Finding the CSV file on my phone - it does not exist.

It's a pretty basic app

I don't have the 'app inventor' file, or the storage folder that the MIT apps used to be able to be saved to.

My phone is Samsung S20 if that is of any use.

means your Android version is 10 or 11. Yes that makes a difference. You need to store your files in the ASD folder.

Please read this... all of it Saving textfile in ASD (android 10) - #17 by Anke

Thanks, I'll read and get back to this whether it helped or not :slight_smile:

I have used the relative path location in this project.

An absolute file location couldn't be created AT ALL - the CSV wasn't created and couldn't be read. The app only works if the location starts with '/' or just the file name - as said in the link.

I have looked through all phone files and it is nowhere to be seen. I have tried to copy the file location and find it that way on my phone - no avail. Since I tried so many times with different file locations I thought it should have been created at least somewhere.

I have saved the app on my phone and downloaded it etc to see if that helped and it didn't.

With this extension create

Save the files to that address.

This discussion might be what you need Save files on any android version