Can we create CloudDB (Redis) in Direct Admin

I have this option in my hosting,

Can we create own CloudDB server using this?
If yes, tell me how

May depend on whether you need SSL or not.

Most redis providers (including rediLabs) do not provide SSL on their "free" service.

I have never used "Direct Admin" on "your" hosting

No need SSL @TIMAI2 , any tutorial on how to setup on direct admin

You may be the first to do so here. Have a go, see what happens. Report back.

It just created a redis folder and empty data base, any other similar Redis tutorial you have, let me try it on this

This is all I have:

Thanks, will check if it works, will update here

Are any of these any help?

Got a reply from Customer Support that redis is enabled.

How to get these below details as the folder is empty ,

any idea @TIMAI2 @ABG

Redis is usually used as a back end service, requiring a front end to recieve requests / data.

May be best to ask "Customer support" if they provide/recommend a front end to the redis service, or if it is possible to open it up to the internet for direct access.

As a minimum you will need the url redis is being served from, the port (if not 6379) and any security information, e.g. authentication.

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:rage: They ask me to upgrade for VPS,

@TIMAI2 Tutorial as per your tutorial, 512 RAM is enough for how many users realtime chat, my client has more than 200+ staffs, is that 2$ plan enough, else i'm going with interserver as ionos offers 1GB RAM for 5$ meanwhile interserver offers 2GB RAM for 6$ per month

Hmm, do you not have root access on your current VPS ?

I do not know if 512mb ram will be enough, there is storage and transfer volume to consider as well. The only way to find out is to do it, then upgrade if not enough. Advise client in advance on what you are doing.

IONOS appear to offer this:

with, if I remember correctly, as much transfer volume as you want/use.

Ok thanks will proceed @TIMAI2