Can I upload apps in mit to stores other than play store

**Can I upload apps made in mit to stores other than play store :question: **


Of course, why shouldn’t that be possible.
Some of my AI2 apps are eg also in the Amazon AppStore.

But how to sign an apk without java or play console with the keystore given by mit app inventor :grey_question:

See here:

You can use eg APK Editor Studio for that.
First download the keystore “ android.keystore ” from your AI2 account and rename it to: “ android.ks


  1. decompile APK
  2. sign APK
  3. recompile / build (save) your app (APK)
  4. upload APK to Store
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How to sign an apk made in mit app inventor using the same keystore without play console or java to upload it to other stores other than play store.

I am uploading an app to a store which needs me to sign a blank apk that they send me with same password and keystore.How to do it :question:PLS EXPLAIN. :white_check_mark:

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