Can I make website like MIT?


I have a question that can we make a website like MIT app inventor if yes how? @ewpatton

It is possible, and there are some other platforms too, like Kodular, Thunkable, Niotron, etc.

The AI2 source code will help you :slight_smile:

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We see a lot of young users trying to make their own App Inventor. Looking at your avatar you are really young too and i don't know the experience you have in programming. Why don't you start learning about App Inventor by studying it's source code and help with some issues. This way you get more comfortable around the source code and learn how to deal with such a big project.


I was searching of it but not able to find it ..

This helped Me :upside_down_face:

BTW thankyou for your suggestion @Peter. And Thankyou @Alaqmar_Bohori for your answer


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