Can I download files in a web browser without an extension?

If you mean the webviewer, then no.

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Thanks for your reply

You could always go out to your native browser (e.g. Chrome) and use that to download files, then return to your app....

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Thanks for your valuable suggestions

Sir, I tried extension for file download in web viewer but nothing happened, can you suggest any useful extension for download in web viewer like browser?

Which extension ?

Did you try this ?

Thanks for your suggestion sir. I will try the same and contact you if in doubt

Sir I have no words to express my gratitude

Sir please share how to get right click image to download. Please give your advice

If someone share module or extension for web viewer image, right click to save and share. I tried some method but not working. If not, please share a better working extension of the screenshot.

This might be possible with CustomWebView ?

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Thanks for your valuable reply

Sir, I tried some extension (advanced pdf creator & KIO4 Pdf) for layout pdf. But not working can you share exact example and extension.
Only single page required (multiple pages not required) I have searched many posts and tried but to no avail. I need your advice.

What do you want to do, view a pdf or create a pdf ?

First of all thanks for your reply Create a pdf

Well, everything you need to know is here: (for KIO4 PDF)

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Thanks sir

Sir not working

First of all, you need to learn how to ask a question.
Only reply 'not working' is not enough.

Show your relevant blocks and screens. Which android version are you targeting?