Can anybody help me with this? Web Component not sending data to php

hello can anybody help me solve this issue?
I am trying to connect php to app inventor to upload data from my form.

this is the block structure
the php is uploaded to server and works perfect on its own. yet when I try to run through app inventor
the notification i recieve is:

also no data is being stored in database when using the app.

Please help

How do you test this, with your browser or with curl/Postman. Is the php expecting a POST or a GET ?

Please show the complete responseContent, errors are usually shown at the end...

Read this:

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thanks so much
this is definitely the issue.
On second note do you know any free hosting sites for php. I am on a time crunch and do not want to spend money on a college project.

Try 000webhost

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again thanks a lot. you just saved my life.

How much did you pay for tuition on that course, compared to the price of a web site?
Penny wise, pound foolish.

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