Cam PI appinventor

hello, i have been browsing the forum looking for information on making a simple little application for a birdhouse.
I found some info, but very complicated for what I want to do.
I present my idea to you:
I have a camera on my raspberry (not usb).
I wish I could play the video on my phone from anywhere.
I would like to modify: the constradste, color and other if necessary of my tel.
what is the simplest process?
thanks for your reading.

Send Video to some streaming server, you can also create such a server using a raspberry on localhost (for more information on how to do it, go to a Raspberry forum). In appinventor, use the WebViewer component with your server's address to show the video.

ok thanks for your help,
according to you to improve
reading the image (color, contrast ..) can we do it in a webviewer?

AppInventor has no built-in components to do this. I'm not sure if there are any extensions that make this possible. I think the best option is to look for something on the browser side. Maybe some JS script does these things.

This discussion might be what you want to do Camera grove avec app . It discusses using an ip camera connected to an arduino.

thanks for these links, i read they don't match (i don't have lego cam), i keep looking and experimenting :slight_smile:

hello thank you for your info,
is it possible to modify the video in a webviewer (color, brightness ...)?
Thanks for reading.

hello thank you for your info, I'm going. I have my apache server asking me for the name and password of my camera (it's me who set it) on my browser no problem, it asks me for authentication and the password. On my application no request so no connection. how do we do it, do you have an idea? Thanks for reading.