CallLoger extension

I downloaded CallLoger extension, and it shows that I can use "text" to save the phone number and text directly to this specific contact through whatsapp. But when I use the "text" it does not forwards me straight to the contact, but only to the list of contacts in whatsapp. But any other function of CallLoger works with "text" to save a phone number. I do not know why does it happen, and can you fix it please, or what can I do?
Thank you so much!

maybe a better way is to use ActivityStarter, check this out

As I uderstood, the thing that you show is for email, but I need specificly for whatsapp.

unfortunately we don't know, which extension exactly you are talking about...
probably this one? CallLog and WhatsApp Utils Extension by Andres Daniel
usually the author of an extension can help you with questions, in that case @Andres_Cotes ...


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Where is call loger extension i cant see here

Maybe you could search the community? or check the extension directory?

unfortunately this seems to be a lost extension...
it is NOT listed in the rescued extensions thread...


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oh ok then....