Call to random y position doesn´t work properly

im programming a game and want that after my image sprite hits the left edge of the screen it comes tothe x 600 and to a random y between 0 and 400.
Everytime i emulate the game it just gos to the x of 600 but the y stays the same.
This is how i tryed it.

This works OK for me:

moveBallOnCollide.aia (2.2 KB)

Doesn´t work out for me maybe its connected with the layout of my screen but i don´t know. It still jumpes so the same y every time.

Try like this and see if it works for you

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Still on the same y but i can see that it moves from another y back to the same point bevore it starts moving. So i think it gets moved but jumpes back to the old position.

Do you have other balls/sprites on the canvas?

This could be a case of a ball not going where it is supposed to go because of the position of other balls. I have seen this before.

I tryed to understand what they mean in this posts but i can´t find a solution for the Problem.
power_parrot_1.aia (3.1 MB)
This is the Program and in the second screen is the problem. It would be great if someone could look at it and find the problem please. Many thanks in advance.

Try this and see if it works for you

power_parrot_2.aia (3.1 MB)

Still the same problem as bevore does your version works for you?
Maybe it´s because im using IOS. I´ve already red that some programs work just on Android.

On android works like this, maybe the problem is with IOS. Unfortunately I can not test it now

now you tell us :slight_smile:

Most things appear to be sorted for the canvas, balls and sprites, but the items that are not yet done may be having an impact, or there is a bug...

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Yeah that looks how i want it. Looks like it just works on Android. Unlucky but many thanks for your help here :slight_smile:

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