Builder public vps

hello all mit app inventor community I need help
I am making a new builder plz guide on how to public builder live

not sure what you mean maybe this is what you want -

We see a lot of users, mostly very young, trying to make their own builder. Mostly they only change some colors and icons. The fact that you ask how to get a builder live suggest that you lack a fair amount of knowledge on how to deal with a complex piece of software like App Inventor. My first question would be what experience do you have in dealing with large software packages like App Inventor? Do you have experience in all the internal (programming) languages App Inventor uses? Do you understand completely the inner workings of App Inventor? Have you read every possible documentation available for App Inventor to get to know all the ins and outs?

If not, then you shouldn't start trying to get a "new" builder online. You would need an impressive amount of help and then still chances are you wouldn't succeed.

Why not help with the development of App Inventor? Look at the issues at hand, submit a PR and get some experience on how to work with the source code.


I agree to what Peter said
First get some experience on the inner languages

  1. Java
  2. GWT - Google Web Toolkit
  3. And blockly Package (not blocks)

Firstly I want to tell that I also wanted to make a builder...
I did not have prior experience about GWT
I got great help from @MohamedTamer
And now here I am working a project called Appzard

So with my experience I would recommed to firstly learn GWT, Java and some other packages.

regards, Pratyush

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