BT: An extension to work with Bluetooth

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Now this extension is free to everyone.
Here is the aix:
com.sunny.BT.aix (13.6 KB)

And aia:
Bluetooth_Extension_Research.aia (21.6 KB) [Thanks to @Salman_Dev ]


Thank you for making it free my Best Friend :kissing_heart:

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Hi Sunny

The More Information link in the installed BT extension takes the User to:

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Thank you.
I will update it as soon as possible.

Here is v1.1:
com.sunny.BT.aix (15.3 KB)


First of all thank you for the work done on this extension. I was able to find a solution for my application with which I wanted to have an automatic connection to my robot.

On the other hand, I noticed a small problem that I wanted to bring up to you. Sometimes after a scan, the application gives an error message. So I tried with your application as an example, same observation.

I sometimes also "cannot accept the arguments:[any address ],[ ],[nothing]"

I wondered if it was not from a bluetooth module that does not display their mac address. So I tried adding conditions to list creations to exclude wrong addresses, but nothing helped. I'm starting to wonder if this might not come from the extension code. Little will you have an idea of the problem.


Hi @Pedro-51 Welcome to Community
Can you show your blocks?
Are they similar to below given blocks?


absolutely. The problem arises even with your example program. But it's pretty random and I don't know if it happens when a particular bluetooth module is nearby or not. Because I am in university residence and I therefore do not have control over the work environment. Like you, I think the error returned on this block in question but I have not found a solution for the moment. Maybe you would have better luck.

By removing this block from the program


and doing an infinite loop of scanning to try to debug. My modified blocks for debugging:

the problem does not arise

If that's the case then version v1.2 should work fine.
com.sunny.BT.aix (15.3 KB)


it still does not work with the new version. I was able to test on the move today and the error messages keep coming back. With hindsight, given that for my personal app, I'm trying to connect to a device that bears a particular name (Hexapod) without worrying about its Mac address (so that my app is compatible with several robots), I I created a method different from the one proposed in the example which does not need to manage a list.

It works perfectly, and I therefore see that the only element which can pose a problem and this one which seems to receive something other than text and which therefore returns an error message.

Moreover, this is specified in the help of AI2. "List of text elements to show in the ListView. This will signal an error if the elements are not text strings".

I do not see how to solve this problem, but maybe some will have more experience and will have found themselves.

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Extension is open source now:


Useful extension :+1: :+1:



Hello, i can not enable/disable bluetooth via BT1.Toogle call method.
How can i enable or disable Bluetooth using this call method?

go to logic section and drag out true or false blocks

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It works. Thank you so much my friend.

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