Brief gray screen with project name before app loads


I tried searching for this issue but I can’t seem to find a solution or anyone else who has had the problem. I feel like I just set something up wrong, after all I am new to App Inventor

Video of problem:

If you see the video in that link, it is me clicking into the app. For a very brief time (less than a second), a gray gradient screen with the project name shows up before loading the app.

How can I eliminate this so it just goes to loading the app directly?

Thank you

Show the (relevant) blocks to reproduce this issue.

The app I am making is basically just a webviewer for my website. That second block group is for the splash screen. I know the issue has nothing to do with the splash screen because I added that after the issue showed up.

Thank you

I created a new project in App Inventor and just put a label on Screen1 to test out if it was the webviewer causing that brief gray screen. Even with this new project, the gray screen is there very briefly when I first open the app. Is this just something that is with all App Inventor projects? Did I just not add something I was supposed to?

Here is a screenshot of the screen that briefly shows when I open my app:

This issue has already been discussed in this thread:
(it affects the app name, not the project name)