BluetoothBLE permissions on Android ver 13

Hi, my application when activated must connect via bluetooth ble a device with specific mac address.
I'm migrating to the new BT BLE version because I've android 13 and after have changed the extension version I've started to have isses with some permissions.

I'm using BluetoothBLE Extension Version: 20230223-beta and when start the application I got this kind of error :

This is part of code where I ask the permissions for flilocation and bluetoothscan:

If I disable the block to ask FileLocation permission I've the same issue with the Bluetoothscan permission.

Is there someone able to give me an help ?
Is there any clear example from which start ?

In Android Setting under Applications I don't see any possibility to gran additional accesses to my APP .

Thanks Roberto.

Try this and post a screenshot:

Hi Anke,
here the screenshoot . I'm not able to catch the screenshoot where is asked the permission , but it works and I'm able to connect my device.

I've also tryed your other App "BLE_permissions_allAndroidVersions.aia" and it works too , but it use BLE extension version 20200616.

@Anke I've done other test to understand why adding the permission at screen initialization in my original app I continue to have the same problem. I've create a very simple app with just the ble extesion in beta version and this block taken from you test applicantion and I still have the problem :

here my test app.

While changing your app adding just this block to connect my device it works.

Is it possible that on top to the ble extension is there some other component that I've to update ?

Please provide the phone model, as some Chinese phones have poorly implemented BT permissions.

Hi, Is a Samsung A515F.

You are asking for permission and trying to connect at the same time

Only connect AFTER having received the permissions


The isse with permission is before start the connection and changing the code in this way nothing change, permission on FineLocation is denied .

If I disable the first permission on FineLocation i got the same error on BLuetooth_connect :frowning:

... or

@Anke sorry but I've not clear where find this fuction :


NOW IS FIXED ! :grin:

This how my app was before the fix :

An here the change after you last suggestion and extension.

Thanks again for all the support.

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