Bluetooth string receiving problem (BLE)

I can't get string on my text box. How can I get string on PIC16F1825 with bluetooth. Please help!

What Bluetooth module do you have connected to the PIC16F1825?
What code do you use to send the data to the application?

hm10 bluetooth 4.0.
I am sending it from the program that I created from the app inverter and I want information from the pic. I can send a string but not receive it.

Here is some information about the HM-10 but with the Arduino IDE.

thanks for the help

Hello Sezer

You have mixed up two different methods of receiving Strings - no need to 'Call Bluetooth Read Strings' inside the Strings Received Block, which has already received the Data (providing that method of streaming has been registered first).

Like This:

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