Bluetooth data reception issues with Raspberry Pi Pico using an HC-05 Module

Hello, I've been trying to develop an app to save water at the starting moments of the shower, I need to have the raspberry pi pico receive info from the app inventor app. However many times we have tried we can't successfuly receive the info on the PI. To be more sp
ecific when we start the bluetooth connection and press the green "Send Temperature" nothing happens, unless the slider is set to the minimal value and even then the output on the Pi pico console doesn't show the value "10" which is the minimal slider value. Here go some screenshots, and thank you in advance!

What are buttons 2 and 3?

Button 2 is the green "Send Temperature" button and button 3 is the grey "Send Temperature" button.


I have not used RP Pico, I have used RP 3B with Raspbian.
Bluetooth setup was a bit tricky, you can refer to these examples to see if you can find any ideas.

BTW, a Slider extension:

Update, the text that i mentioned is received in the PI is not tied to the slider, it is actually only received when the number 10 is sent and the number 10 only.