Bluetooth connection error, BLUETOOTH_CONNECT permission

When I try to connect with bluetooth module nothing shows and after hitting back error message occurs. But other apps easily connects bluetooth devices. I attached the .aia file. plz someone see the blocks and correct me.
Muntasir_Bluetooth_Car.aia (694.8 KB)

Don't use TableArrangement, try other code without using it.


Returns the configured polling rate value of the Bluetooth Client.

This appeared recently in the BlueTooth Client component.

Unfortunately, it is not documented well.

Did you change its value?


Yes, you did.

Try resetting its value to its default, 10.

Yes, I changed it to 0 but didn't worked.

yes i tried with resetting it too, but nothing changed.

This message shows up.

You got a new message, one that I have not seen before on this board.

What kind of phone are you using for your tests?

Samsung phone

Please export and post your new .aia file here.

Also, what model and version of Samsung phone?

Ask for permissions, see here