BLE UART for micro:bit in the next release

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I'm using App Inventor to create an IoT App using micro:bit.
I found the following description on MIT App Inventor + Internet of Things, so I posted this.

"Please Note: Some of the tutorials and other materials on this website may be outdated, resulting in non-functioning apps. We are currently creating new Internet of Things components and tutorials. For specific technical questions, search or post on our community discussion forum. -- The App Inventor Team 3/31/22"

I think that UART is the most important feature (profile) in micro:bit BLE. Although there are other functions, UART can be substituted.
I hope that UART is supported in the next release too.

Currently, it is difficult to use UART with the methods of use that are open to the public, but I am using it as follows based on various information and my trials.

The extensions I am currently using are:
The extension that utilizes UART is Microbit_Uart_Simple.

Using this extension, we are able to send and receive data as follows.

The code of App Inventor for sending.

(Enclose the sent message with "#" and "##". The octets to be able to send is 16. I know this is a rule of thumb and an interim method.)

The code of Makecode for sending.

The code of App Inventor for receiving,

The code of Makecode for receiving,

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I'm sure there will be a lot of interest in the new App Inventor material, especially now micro:bit V2 is well established, which has a built-in speaker and microphone.

Hi, I have made a tutorial a while ago about BLE, UART and Micro:bit:
part 1:

and part2:

Maybe there is still something in it that interests you, and yes, good integration of UART into the BLE and micro:bit extensions is long overdue.

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