BLE publishing and subscribing

Hi All,
i have the need to creat an APP that:

  • connects to BLE device (mac address known)
  • reads the battery level
  • sends a given data (in my case the number 4040) to the proper service/characteristic.

By now i looked online for tutorials and im only able to search for BLE devices, list them and connect to the “selected one”.
I would like to skip the “search” step since i already know the MAC of my device and furthermore in my APP i cant press or select anything (phone used for remote monitoring).
Furthermore im not getting results when i try to read a given service/characterisitc (eg Battery level). Same when i send data.
Can somebody post the blocks i have to use to finalize my APP?
U can use fake MAC address. Same for UUID serv/char.

Try with Screen1.Initialize

Information about BLE:

These are my blocks but its not working.
The device has to be paired already?
Further question: when i read something (eg batterly level) , then how can i show it in a label?