Bitcoin Price Extension

Bitcoin Price Extension

Hello everybody,
I have just developed an extension that gives you the bitcoin price.
This extension can be useful for projects that i-ntend to make conversions with the price of bitcoin or other similar projects.

How it works

It is super simple to use (it only contains two blocks).

We use this block to request to obtain the bitcoin price.

This block is used to obtain the bitcoin price.
With this block we can tell it to put the price in a "label", "button"...

:warning: The bitcoin price is in euros (or at least that in Spain) and I have not included in the extension the symbol €, if you want me to put the bitcoin price + € you will have to do it joining the texts.

blocks (2)

Download the extension using this link (v1.0):
com.meulencv.bitcoinprice.aix (8.8 KB)

This extension was created thanks to the contribution of @Kumaraswamy in the post


thank you for your contribution...
please remember to follow the naming conventions

the correct name for GetBTCprice would be GetBtcPrice

PS: it would be not too difficult to get the same functionality just by using the web component...
let me suggest you to focus on extensions, which are not doable using available blocks...


Thank you for your suggestions

App Inventor is unable to compile this project.
The compiler error output was

I used your aix and got this error

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Yes it's true. I just add an extension to my project and I get a compilation error.


more info on the original discussion thread

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I'm solving the problem


I have created a new version fixing the compilation problem that has been pointed out to me.
Thanks to @Nisarga_Adhikary and @Patryk_F for alerting me.

I have also tried to solve the problems regarding the name that @Taifun indicated to me.


Here you can find the download link for the extension (works the same as before)

com.meulencv.bitcoinpricev2.aix (8.9 KB)

Hi @Meulencv I've tried your extension and it doesn't give me any results.
My Blocks:


blocks (1)

In AppInventor works. It currently shows 47 360.82 euros.

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Are you in kodular?

For me works

I think it not works with Kodular

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Then please discuss on Kodular community.


Thanks @Salman_Dev

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oh no, I've tested it in the app Inventor too and it doesn't work.
I think the problem is because this link contains hCaptcha
and the problem is also because you only take bitcoin number from website that may be problematic in some countries, and I've tried it with a VPN and it works. :grin:

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Oops, I can make the same function without having to use your extension.

My Blocks :

And with the logic that I make above,
it produces results that are 100% same as the extension you made @Meulencv

Aia Project :
GetBitcoin.aia (2.2 KB)

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Yes, I know to do this, but the extension is more easy to use😁

yeah you are right, but in my opinion you better not make extensions that can be made easily using the available blocks, so if you want to make an extension, it's better if you make an extension that cannot be made with the available blocks or can be made with the available blocks but difficult to do (requires more than 100 or 200 blocks to make it)


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