Barcode scanner issue

Thank you very much , i'll try out now :slight_smile:
Things is , i'm thinking about creat a liiiitle app for my self , which i can use at my workplace.

i want to scan barcodes (most of the time in the dark) instead of writing them down on paper.

ya , there are a lot of Apps in the Appstore , but that's not the same :slight_smile:

managed to open the camera an read the barcode with the "built-in" Tools.

but as soon it gets darker , the camera will not recognize the BC :frowning:
That's why i need a flashlight (or Torch)

i found an extension calles Scanview , but to be honest : I'm to stupid to use it

here's what i tried :slight_smile:

Neither the camera opens nor the Barcodescanner :frowning:
(the extension got's an flashlight :slight_smile: )

Is this a new topic or the same? The Camera and BarcodeScanner components are different with different purposes and functions.

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Ohh , i should have opened a new topic........the main goal was the same :wink:

Sorry , shall i open a new topic ?

I've opened a new one for you.


You can't switch the Android torch on first and then run your Barcode App?

Actually, it would be best to use Taifun's extension:

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No , not working....dunno why

Hi ya...thanks for the extension , but this isn't working as well :frowning:
As the Camera opens , the flashlight turns off within a second.....

Anyway , born out of a mistake , i found a VERY SIMPLE way to torn on the Torch......

Pressing VOL+ will turn ON , VOL - will turn it off :slight_smile:

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We tried with the Camera component, didn't work out, it turned off right after the camera is opened. There is something to do with controlling external apps, which has the same result with the BarcodeScanner component.

Oh dear - I was expecting it to work independently of the camera. The point is, there are times when you need the torch to see the barcode properly before you hit the scan button.

Gordon has found more information (see link). The requirement is for the camera and the torch to work from the same app, but I'm not sure anyone has made an extension for that. You could try the custom camera extension. If it does not have the torch feature, perhaps you could request it.

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Does that work even with the Camera App on? If so, you are done and dusted, right?

Yes , works with the INTERNAL Camera......

I'm done , thanks to all of you , maybe you can help me out with another Problem :slight_smile:

Will start a new entry 4 it

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