Bad arguments to select list item ["<!doctype"], [1]

Hello, could someone help me? I am trying to make an app that scans a code and extracts data from a google sheet . The problem that my app shows is "bad arguments to select list item ["<!doctype"], [1]"

Interesting, someone only recently had the exact same problem with the same google apps script:

I just read the post you said. Thank you. Unfortunately, I did not manage to solve my problem. The problem is that I can't take the data from the scrip.

Hi, maybe it's the same problem because I took that from a video

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I provided a script only (no google form required) option, you should try it.

lograste resolverlo? estoy usando el mismo script del video de youtube y tampoco encuentro solución

Well, there are three of you now for whom it does not work!

im getting an error that says "The operation select list item cannot accept the arguments:
,["<!doctype"], [1] on my app. Basically im trying to get information from a google sheet and then display it on my app but it

doesnt display the info.

I suggest you abandon the approach you are using, and try this:

or work with the native Spreadsheet component in AI2