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Anyone here working with background task by Atom developer?

I have a few questions :slight_smile:

It would be good if you include the question(s) in your topic, so that anyone who know something can help you right away :slightly_smiling_face:

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I'm trying to build an App to schedule sms. Actually, I did it and it is great but it doesnt work with the screen locked, I want to adapt it to the Background task.

And I dont know how to re-made it.

The snag there Sandra is that Google changed their security measures in Android to prevent Apps sending sms directly. The message has to be passed to the default messenger of the device (phone) and the device User confirm the sending of the message - obviously that can't be done in the background.

At the moment, you can make an App that sends sms directly, but it can't be distributed via Google Play. That's up to Android 10. What the future security measures may hold we have yet to be informed.

Yes, I can, if I dont download the app via google play and i give to it the permissions i can perfectly send sms throught the app and schedule them too.

As I said, I have no problems to schedule the sms on the app, just when the screen is locked, that's why I get the Background task by Atom developer, now I have to re-elaborate the app with this extensio and I'm completly lost, that's why I asked for someone who already have it :slight_smile:

I think @Taifun notification extension might help.
Try this if it works...

Also see these...


Thank you!

I already have an extension who can run in the background but i dont know how to use it ^^'

I am asking for help for someone who have the same extension and understand how it works.

What extension is it?

this one

Does Atom not provide an example project?

Yes, for sure.

You can see them at the post, but I'm not able to understand them ^^'

Unfortunately, i can't understand the language in the it's difficult for me to help :pensive:

Oh my God!! im so sorry i didnt realize it was in Spanish >_<.

Here I post the blocks again in English.

I have just gone over the examples and (naturally) they are all aimed at Kodular functions. There are no App Inventor examples but App Inventor nb184 is, apparently, compatible.

So Sandra, you can put your question to Atom on the Topic in the Kodular Forum.

Yes... that's why I posted here...

Thank you so much anyway :slight_smile:

Available free for app inventor this: App in background

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You are talking about a locked screen (idle mode) and not about background tasks.
A Background task / service has nothing to do with idle mode.

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Thank you all for your solutions :slight_smile: