Autorizzazioni in ritardo

l'app deve inviare un sms ad una scadenza oraria, ma l'autorizzaizone all'invio da richiedere all'utente, non appare perchè resta in secondo piano, si vede solo quando esci dall'App.

Come posso risolvere il problema.

Posso inserire tale autorizzazione all'invio dell'SMS nel codice?
Forse questo risolverebbe il problema?
Come posso fare?

the app must send a text message on an hourly basis, but the authorization to send to be requested from the user, does not appear because it remains in the background, it is seen only when you exit the App.

How can I solve the problem.

Can I insert this authorization to send the SMS in the code?
Maybe this would solve the problem?
How can I do?

Hello Angelo

I think you need to use an extension that can work in the background.

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No, he can't fix it for me unless I understand how it might help.

It would be enough for me to know, how to insert the authorization requests for sending the SMS in the code as soon as the app is started.

You need to be able to send SMS in the Background, or if Authorisation from the User is necessary, bring the App to the foreground every hour, that is why I suggested the extension may be your solution.

Thanks anyway