Arduino NANO BLE 33 + accelerometer Android

I would like to read accelerometer data of Arduino nano Ble 33 through using Bluetooth, Iis it possible, if so, can someone help me?

That is possible.
You will need the BLE Extension, because Bluetooth (classic) is not the same as BLE

And there are good examples for the BLE Extension

I did use the BLE Extension but I was not able to read the Accelerometer data on my phone. You have mentioned a good example for BLE Extension, could you please share that with me?

I am trying to read the accelerometer data of Arduino nano 33 by using BLE, Can anyone advise me or show me how to implement that?

Here are some examples of how to send data from the app to arduino.

First, make an app that will connect to your BLE module. Then add data upload functions to arduino to the app. Then, instead of random data, send data from the accelerometer. We will help in solving the problems encountered, but we hope for a lot of creativity on your part.