Apps don't run on Apple

Whenever students try to run the app that they created on their iPhone, the app does not download or install. It works fine on android devices.

Welcome Carlos.

At the present time, it is not possible for general users of App Inventor to use AI for ios to build an iPhone app and install it to their phone. Sorry. They can only test the app on their phone using Companion.

When will developers be able to build? Not yet, it will happen whenever Apple approves the software. MIT is working on it but my guess is a build capability to compile an ios app will not be possible for a long while.

Hello Steve. Thank you for the notice.

There is another issue that I can't find the answer to. On the App Inventor, when I click Publish to Gallery I get the following error message. I am logged in, my user name is displayed on the top right hand side but this still shows up.

Before you can submit projects to the Gallery, you need to setup your Gallery Account.

You can do this by closing this window, going back to MIT App Inventor and clicking the "Login to New Gallery" button. This will help you setup your account.

Last, is there a way I can see my students work collectively?

Thanks for your help!

Carlos R.

There isn't a simple way. See this for advice How do students submit their programs to their teacher?

This might be helpful Teach with App Inventor

Hi Steve,

I see that the gallery is now working. It was not working yesterday nor this morning. I can now see a login and was able to see the gallery.

Going back to my original post. My students also download the AI Companion on both androids and iOS. The androids have no problem loading the app. The iPhone take a long time (over 10 mins) to load and stop at 75% or 85% and do not finalize. If you scan the same code with an android it will load in less than a minute. Any clue why this is happening?

Thank you once again for all your help!

Carlos R.

Is your school network set up correctly for the iOS companion?