appInventor for Android Auto?

Dear all

i just finish to evaluate AppInventor !
seem pretty good, at least for “small” app :o)

but my final goal is to creat an application that can be work with Android Auto .

is that possible with MIT AppInventor ?
don’t find any tips about this …?

thanks, regards

Google’s proprietary infotainment standard is called Android Auto. There is a
forum dedicated to it

It is probable App Inventor 2 cannot develop apps using the Android Auto OS. For the moment, it seems this is only for use with Android Studio.

If it is possible, perhaps you can be the first to post how to do it with AI2?

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well, i don’t mean to design on the specific OS Android Auto !.
in fact, i have a new car wich include Android Auto.
i plugged my “old” phone and just need to install android auto app on my phone.
now some previous application i had, are available on the screen of the car.
it mean that they are not developped on the specific os … they worked before on standard android phone, then they work too now on my car when the phone is plugged to the car !

thanks for your reply, will check more on the other forum

From what I see here
you would need to run a service for a messaging app.
AI2 can’t do that.

the goal of my app is to send an UDP frame when i click on a button.
it’s more safe to ‘click’ the button on the screen of the android car instead of take the phone, open it then click !
basicaly it’s a remote of my garage door …

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Hi, did you solve this?
I want to do the same thing. (Remote app for the garage)

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Any news? chatGPT suggests using "App Inventor for Android Auto", not officially supported by Google or MIT, did anybody try?

I do not suggest you use ChatGPT for serious work such as AppInventor. Although it is well-trained, there are still a lot of errors and misconceptions.

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