AppInventor+bluetooth+ error liste index too large

Hello Mr ABG,
I get always problems with the error liste index too large, I found many things in this forum but no one resolve the problem, I want to send you the aia and ino files , by mail or other way if there is. Thank you , and sorry for disturbing.

The whole point of having this board is to allow people from all over the world in different time zones to help you, and to have the knowledge from that become available for all to see.

So feel free to post both here to this board, and maybe I will be among the first to help you solve this.

balDERmod1.aia (11.1 KB)

Hello Seif

A few things wrong that cause the failure. I personally would not try to make the connection via the Screen Initialize Block, but if it is working for you, that's fine.

Attached code example takes-out a number of errors - not requesting all of the data, not setting the End-of-Data flag, Not testing the length of data before trying to use it.

There may be issues in your Microprocessor script (synching of time intervals, data packet build), so if things still don't work after the App code corrections, upload your script file (as a .txt file)

Click the image to see full scale.