App with ImagePicker closes installed

image_picker_try.aia (1.6 KB)

In MIT Companion I can get the address of the image, it works, but when I install this app and choose an image, the app closes.

Have you given read permission, image picker needs that

I assume you are testing it on Android < 10 with the APK. There the image is copied to a special directory of external storage and not to the ASD as with Android 11+. Therefore WRITE permission is required for this on Android < 11). However, your app does not declare any storage permissions (READ or WRITE) in the Manifest.

So set DefaultFileScope = Legacy and try again. Otherwise, I can only recommend not to use the ImagePicker, but to do it via Activity starter.

Indeed, I use Android 9, by DefaultFileScope = Legacy the problem is solved.
Thank you @Anke.

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Yes, and you are right.
It is a bug

because the ImagePicker should / must declare WRITE permission on Android < 10
(without setting DefaultFileScope = Legacy).

The problem with setting DefaultFileScope = Legacy is that it also sets the FileScope for some components (e.g. Canvas). To avoid this, my extension should be used:
Error 908: The permission WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE / bug


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