App title appears


When I start the app, the title of the app appears, not the name of screen1.
I have read that it happened in old devices and with old versions of android, but mine is an S9 (with version 10 of android).

I can do something?


Are you talking about the Titlebar or the Statusbar.
image in Screen Properties

Both are disabled. What I see is the name of the app.

Can you send a screenshot?

It's just before the app starts

I think that happens when the Theme is Classic, try to make it Device Default.
Now I will try.....

I tried changing the Theme to DeviceDefault and the problem is gone.

The name entered in the "Title" field will appear on the bar.

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It is true, I had not tried it, but too many things change about the design

It's disable


Try like this:


it is not the solution either

Please explain what you mean more precisely. I think everyone has come up with a solution according to the understanding of your question. You want the solution, ask the question correctly so that it is easy to understand.

Sure, I'll try to explain myself better.

Actually this query is similar to another that I have found.

However, the answer that @ewpatton gave spoke of old devices and mine is an S9.

The fact is that when the app starts running, the title appears with the name of the app (for a little less than 1 second) as if it were the title of a screen, however the titles of all screens are disabled.

I had the same problem and testing your solution, effectively, the problem is gone. Thanks a lot for your help, @Alpha2020! :blush: