App Store build beta testing available

I'm still on the way... I'll send the aia when I get back. I have simplified the project to the essentials.

Point 2 seems to have been resolved. The buttons are now displayed (also with the IPA). I tested it at least 20 times yesterday. No idea what happened (I didn't change anything).

I have now sent you the project via PM.

Today I first removed the app from my iPad Pro 12 and tried installing it again. (I tried at least 5 times yesterday without success.) Now the installation process actually seems to complete completely. When I then tried to open the app, the message appeared that the developer options had to be activated. Only after I did this (the location to enable it has apparently changed since iOS16/17), restarted the device, then confirmed enabling the developer options again, did the app finally open.

  1. As can already be seen under point 7, the width of the slider (75%) is not displayed correctly on either the iPhone or the iPad with the IPA (Companion works).

IPA on iPad Pro 12 - Screen1 and 2:

(Error after 4-5x switching Screen1 & 2)

Companion on iPad Pro 12 - Screen1 and 2:

Yeah I am not sure what actually triggers this. I was not having any issues with iOS 16 on my iPhone, but once I upgraded to 17 all of my iOS devices started giving the error. There is a section on the iOS build instructions that goes over how to turn on developer mode. Unfortunately, this seems like yet another roadblock Apple is putting up for people developing their own apps.

I'm logging the additional layout and behavior issues with our issue tracker so we can fix the functionality before release.

Affects only compiled apps (IPA):

  1. There must not be a non-empty Screen.Initialize event on any screen. There can't even be an empty Screen.Initialize event on Screen1. Instead, I replaced the Screen.Initialize events of all screens with timers. There are now no more problems/error messages.

  2. There are no problems when switching the screens, as long as you don't want to open other screens via Screen1, but only switch between the other screens (non-Screen1 screens). When switching to another screen via Screen1, an error message appears after 4-5 attempts at the latest and the app freezes.

By the way, I had to change the view mode on my iPad to "Dark" so that the screen titles would be displayed/visible.

Any news on this? (point 3 in post #17)
Are there any special requirements for using Material icons on iOS?

ChatGPT (→ Xcode)

and on AI2 for iOS?

Of course, if I upload the icons (PNGs) to the assets and then assign them to each, it works (but that's how it's always worked).

Even if I set the AppName in Project Properties, the iPhone Application name when installed is the name of the project.

I need answers can I create iOS app with MIT app inventor I've been trying to find answers. No answers found can't find anyone who knows.

You have already received an answer from me.

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I am so confused what?????

Please do not ask the same question in multiple topics.

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Hello I'm trying to find out if mitt can develop for iOS for Apple plays store I am have a hard time finding answers

Hello I can't find out how to develop for iOS in MIT app inventor or if it is even possible

Please don't spam the forum with the same question over and over again.

I messaged you because I've found multiple conversations about using mit for iOS. From what I understand under build there should be the option for this but there is only for android


Thank you kindly I very much appreciate this information there is not very many places I was able to go to find help on this your help is appreciated.