App size problems after AABs become mandatory from Aug 2021

wget is available under Linux.

Yes, this is known, but how should this help?
As I said, from Aug 2021, according to Google, only AAB will be approved for new apps (from Nov 2021 also for updates). My goal is to upload an AAB file between 60-100MB in size to the Play Store. Unfortunately the maximum size for an aia with AI2 is 30MB.

Yes, but it can also be used for Windows. But what does this have to do with decompiling an AAB?

I wouldn't know :grin:. Just trying the jar now but can not get it to decompile at the moment. Something isn't right with the argument i give it.

Install wget.

The tool needs additional packets from the network. There is no wget so cannot download them.

I know that, but again:

On Linux it is sometimes the case that when running a program it gets extra packets from the network to run. It is probably similar in this case.
During decompilation, it may have come across something that doesn't have a built-in module and needs to download it.

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The wget is downloading these files and placing them in a .tmp folder


I will not be testing the software any further. Not mature enough.


With which command did you get these download files?

Even with wget I don't get any further ...


I got only this:


They where dowloaded by bundlecompiler.

Not for me, neither with cmd nor with Windows PowerShell.

As soon as anyone confirms that he / she was able to successfully decompile an AAB, I will keep looking for a solution for myself.

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Sorry, but I am not getting these files / folders. Can you please tell me which version of wget you are using:


wget 1.20.3 on Linux Mint.

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Build The .APK With 30mb
Add Some Big File in That .APK Make it 60 MB
Then Convert it to ABB

I don't think that's possible (converting an APK to AAB).
But if you found a way, please let me know.

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I Don't Know If This Works Because I cannot test the AAB File
I used Kodular Here


I did Not Add Any File in Asset of Kodular

But By Unzipping it and adding it into

Today I will Publish My 60mb AAB To Playstore By Using Above Method

Next post your updates on google play, and check if the update replaces v1 without any problems.

You don't even have to try that. It will definitely not work.