App Inventor Gallery

What is the criterion for getting an app submitted to the Gallery to be included in the “featured” section? I’ve published one, “Math Trap,” that I would like more people, particularly math students / teachers, to be aware of.

I have not received any feedback about the criteria for an app to be included in the "featured" section of the AI Gallery. How are those apps chosen? I have a few of my own that I think are worthy of being shown there.


This board has sections where you can post the inner workings of apps, and include links to them in the Gallery. The apps aren't "featured', but they're available and their explanations can be Yandex-translated for all to see and understand.


Thanks for getting back to me.

I understand what you've 'splained. I already have a number of apps uploaded there.
One, "Linear Explorer," was chosen as an adult "App of the Month" last year.
There IS a "featured section" in the Gallery. I've uploaded a screen capture of the top part of it.

My question is how do I get some of my better apps published here rather than have them hidden among the many student projects, etc.?


How about the App Showcase section?
Here is a sample link ...

If that's not enough for you, check the bottom of the Gallery page in case there is some one named as curator of the Showcase category.