App freezing when continuously logging BT addresses

I have built an app using the Taifun bluetooth extension which scans BT and then saves the MAC addresses to a file with a timestamp when scanning is finished. After saving the file another scan cycle is invoked.
Unfortunately this works about 5 times until the bluetooth scan will get stuck.
If I disable and reenable BT, the app wakes and returns the MAC address which are then recorded. This will continue on freezing again another another period of time...the timer used to insert a 5 second delay before rescanning.
I've tried multiple phones with the companion app and the compiled app with the same result.
Does anyone have any ideas?

the AskForPermission block should be the only one in Screen.Initialize, you can move the other blocks into the Screen1.PermissionGranted event

also to Enable Bluetooth takes a litle bit... let me recommend to start scanning after for example 5 seconds...

you might want to use Logcat to find out, what is going on..

PS: I removed your project, because it contains a paid extension... thank you for your kind understanding!

Trying to push the limits! Snippets, Tutorials and Extensions from Pura Vida Apps by Taifun.

I will try that out Taifun. Apologies and thank you removing the project!

Unfortunately adding a 5s delay doesn't solve the problem.

I had attempted to setup a continuous scanning loop with your demo app and the same problem occurs. I did this by enabling a 5s timer at the end of the afterscan event with the timer event calling the Screen1.PermissionGranted event.

Unfortunately I dont have any experience reading logcats but I could find anything surprising... the scan event simply runs continuously and fails to report a result.

please provide the latest version of your blocks as screenshot
which devices and Android versions did you try for your tests?

you might want to provide the logcat output here

Using your BT demo (as a baseline as it works well) I have changed the following blocks. The clock timer delay is set 5 seconds after the afterscanning event. I've also added the countloop counter...
This loop ran five times before freezing. Full logcat output attached. Thanks.
This is running admittedly on an older Samsung J1 phone running 4.4.4

logcat2.txt (2.4 MB)

Wht is tht

That is the logcat output txt as requested by Taifun. This was recorded on the phone after starting the scan process and then stops after the BT scan has frozen. Hopefully there are some clues in there!

Attached is a smaller log once I had reset the phone to original condition to stop other apps from logging unnecessary messages. The app is also compiled here
logcat.txt (1.1 MB)

could you please try this on a newer device...
I could not find anything in the logcat output...