App crashes at startup A11

...crashes on launch here too.


Okay, i installed your project, it working nice

Your App crashes on launch. I have briefly studied the Project back files and they all look good. There isn't any media or a faulty icon (the top two causes of App Launch failure).

Just message: "Oops, here an error. Install another version when developer will fix this problem"

Not familiar with that message. When installing an APK for testing, always uninstall it's predecessor first.

I delete the predecessor everytime before installing the new one

1 Like don't need to send bytes, that simply makes the Sketch a bit more complicated in this case. Send text will work fine if you define your Sketch as per my example.

Okay, I will do new application tomorrow, and write to youin any result

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By delete, you do mean uninstall?

Yeah, absolutely

Use logcat to find out more


Список1 has not been populated in the Project (Designer nor Blocks nor runtime), yet it is displaying text values - good spot Anke!

Possibly the ListView has been copy-pasted from another Project - when I test with English Language Items, the ListView Properties palette is correct.

Edit: This post is nonsense, see Anke's post #43 below, and my post #44

Owch - I never use the data builder - easier via the Blocks.

Something else I don't use: Properties, 'Selection' - leave that blank and the App does not crash on launch.


Yes, I did the same, because this Selction (item) does not exists.

@Anke Indeed - but when I replaced it with an existing item, the launch crash still occurred - can you confirm that?

Hey guys, hopefully I made the app. Thanks for everyone :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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