API 30 workarounds v2

Try to copy WooHoo.txt from the assets to /Documents/WooHoo2.txt.

ok, your project works both for /Download and /Documents... :+1:
but only once... if I delete the file file.txt from /Download and /Documents and try to copy again then the error appears... it is not possible to copy again using the same filename... and the Exists method returns false in this case...

yes this seems to work... which means, you can use the filename only once... and after deleting the file it does not work anymore... interesting...


If the file was deleted by the app itself then there is no problem, but I was pretty sure you removed that file manually.

yes exactly

So that means that each installation has an internal "file memory" which makes it think that there's a file where one isn't any more? (If the user deletes it) Really interesting indeed. It would explain the weird behaviour of the file component when it is used to create files but taifun can't see them and the opposite. (In the File Operations app you can see it by creating/deleting/exists with taifun & component).

Try this on all Android versions: