Anyone got any quick and easy projects for me?

Need a quick project cause im bored

Sure Samuel :slight_smile: Have you tried any of these ?

Do you want to make a game? A social app? An app to do calculations? Be more specific about what your quick project should be about and an indication of your App Inventor 2 experience.

Have fun.


How quick?

Do you mind documenting other peoples' projects?


Sorry for not replying earlier,yes ill have look at those

I have an Arduino project that picks one of nine images for the Android phone to display. The Arduino also generates some 20 characters of text. I'd like to store the photos in the phone to save transmission time, and display the chosen picture and the generated text in the white space that's always in the same place in each of the images.
The Arduino would wake up on command from the phone, make its calculations, generate its text, and tell the Android which of its nine pictures to display and what text to run over top of it.
Doesn't have to be a gratis project.

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