Any extention to adding APK to gdrive

Any extention or aia to adding apk to google drive. :thinking:

I don't get it. Do you mean 'uploading an APK to Google Drive'?

Yes :+1: uploading APK to google drive in a app

Yes there is :grin:


Any free extentions? :thinking:

This depends on whose google drive you want to upload your aia/apk to?

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As @TIMAI2 sir asked, do you want to upload files to your drive or to user's drive?

Also, it is a bit strange to want to upload aia/apk files from an app?

Users. :iphone:


Maybe he is willing to create something like AIA store? :thinking:

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Perhaps explain in more detail what you are trying to achieve, then we can help to find the best solution for you. Connecting to a users google drive is not easy in App Inventor.

Sorry. I was changed the title

I want to upload apk in to google drive using a app

Yes, that's okay, but it would be more helpful if you describe the reason.

@HAM_APK May be this can help you

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This doesn't upload to the user's google drive but to the developers....


@TIMAI2 I was a bit confused that's why I said maybe and thanks for clarifying :slight_smile:

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