Ant RunLocalBuildServer returning Error

Hello sir,
Sir when I had ran ant RunLocalBuildServer in git bash, and sir when I'm building the apk, I'm getting the following error at the end, and that does not contain any Extension, asset. I was searching for the answer but didn't got the solution, then finally i thought to ask you

Error Image

Thank you sir

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Are you running the dev server on localhost:8888? If not, you need to do that because the port number is hard coded into the development server for the buildserver callback.


Oh, yes sir i was working on 3833 port number,
Thank you sir,

But sir can you please guide me how I can change that in my instance

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Thank you @ewpatton and @Kumaraswamy

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@ewpatton sir, can you please tell me the path of YoungAndroidService file, as I am finding it but not able to do so

See here for where you need to make the change:


Thank you sir :blush:

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