android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE doesn't function anymore

@Anke why you are using clock also for loading image, can you use a button ?
@Pierfrancesco maybe the best way is save in the private dir (without slash) and share the file

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It is for illustration purposes only, so that @Pierfrancesco will finally understand (hopefully :wink:).

Using a button to load saved image no background image in canvas1

Please :upside_down_face:, what are we talking about here?


the background image of canvas1 is bg1.jpg, then you save it in /aa/aa.jpg
I would set canvas2 background to /aa/aa.jpg, when I try to do it I have blank background

exacltly, months ago went well, Now doesn't go well

In other words, how can I load an image, modify it and save it for loading by other apps ?

Try this:

OK, now it runs well, but my question was

I'm not able to load image with this block

Try this:


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Finally your block runs well, this thread is solved for me, maybe also for Pierfrancesco

I'm sorry, now I can not able to save in MyFolder

Yes, because you basically have to specify the relative path when a component (like File, Canvas, etc.) saves something. The relative path:


refers (is redirected) in Canvas for devices with API> 28 to the following absolute path:


See also here:

OK, now I can load the image, but why I need ask for permission for saving with clock ? these block does not work

I had already explained that:

Read the full thread and open your own topic so we don't digress further here.

Yes, I know, but I did not understand well, can you explain me in other words ?
I don't like using code without understanding it.

What's so hard to understand about "it's a bug".
@ewpatton might want to explain what caused the bug.

I can not understand your workaround with 2 clocks

Yes, I could explain, but it would take a lot of time and effort. Since the bug will most likely be fixed soon, my workaround would be obsolete.