Android Bundle NOT APK to upload and update an app on Google Play starting August 2021

Starting August 2021, new apps will be required to target API level 30 (Android 11) and use the Android App Bundle publishing format. Starting November 2021, all app updates will be required to target API level 30 (Android 11).
Apps with a download size of more than 150 MB are now supported by Play Asset Delivery and Play Feature Delivery.

How MIT App Inventor Team is planning to address this?

You can test the AAB functionality on There are some additional changes in the works to address the technical changes in SDK 30 that will be deployed to the test server in the next week or so. The tentative release date for these changes is July 12.


Thank You so much for such a detailed response Evan! it is encouraging to know that you guys are working hard to address this. Have a great day!

(News) The future of Android App Bundles is here.

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Hi, is this release date still correct

The release needs to be delayed until the File component changes have been merged as part of our SDK 30 update. You can follow that discussion and help with testing the functionality in this thread.

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