An interesting work with numbers

So why are you giving the example that you want to use 12?

Please talk about this as well


Only for radians; you can do this with degrees between -57 to 57.

It looks like the calculator is broken; in no way should arccosine return a square root.

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Hello, please tell me other topics. I want an interesting idea to be done with numbers that is unique in the world.

Find the square root of -1


Resolve Pi

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I left this one, of course you mean the number Pi, please another one ؟

Code the Fourier Transform in blocks only.

  • duration in ms
  • list of readings over that duration
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I left this

Monsieur Pierre de Fermat is looking for three integers a, b, c that satisfy the equation:
for any integer value of n greater than 2.


Finding prime numbers by method given by a Greek mathematician, Eratosthenes of Alexandria.

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How can we draw a line whose length is equal to square root of 2.

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That's interesting, but the square root of 2 is about 1.4. You might want to draw a line which length is √2 × 100 pixels.

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I did something like this:

As you can see, there is a yellow, blue and white line. The white line separates the phone screen into 2 equal parts. If the width of each part is 1, then the blue line is √2.

Now, if you ignore the blue line and the white line, there is also a yellow line. The yellow line is √2 ✕ 100 pixels long.

You could also check Proposals of math codes. Area polygon. Vertices rectangle. Linear regression. Decimal IP topic. There are some unfinished projects that you could work with


but what about exact?

There is no, but √2 can physically be drawn.

Hint: Pythagorean theorem