After clicking on the mentioned name bug

Hello Everyone,
I found this bug -

Bug :

Normal :

Hope you all understand.

Please explain when this happens (is it just to you or other users as well - I am unable to replicate what you have shown). The lowercase version of your name is not in your profile anywhere.


That's the bug.

For example -

Click on it - @timai2 (You will see lowercase 'T')
Click on this - @tImAi2 (Isn't it crazy ?)

Hope you understand.
Also sorry for tagging :sweat_smile:

Perhaps this post could help you:

Ah I see what you mean now....

Just use the sublist to select a user name. It pops up when you start typing @...


I've also found this bug too :slightly_smiling_face: especially users @TIMAI2 @timai2 and @Aquib_khan @aquib_khan

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Yes, @QwE_rFv

I dont thinkthats a bug @aQuiB_khan

that might b an easter egg!

It is a bug @aYpRoDuCtIoNs

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:rofl: :rofl: sofunny bug @AQUIB_khan

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:rofl: :sweat_smile: :laughing:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Stop rofling @QWe_rFV and @aYProDuCtIonS :rofl:


also the edit history...
MIT App Inventor Community - After clicking on the mentioned name bug - Site Feedback - MIT App Inventor Community 1_3_2022 12_00_38 PM
timai2 should be TIMAI2

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