After build, fontsize in listview very large

Just edited my app and built it (I see some changes in the website and designer). installed the apk on my phone and now there is a problem with the fontsize in the listviews. The fontsize is very large.

Possibly related...

Hello Paul
Have you tried reducing the font size in the Designer palette?

Yes i did but that didn't help. Still large font.

Change font size here:


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I did that but didn't help. A month ago i did a build and everything was ok. But yesterday my listviews were showing with a very large font. There must have been a change with the 'built procedure, i guess a bug has been introduced in the last couple of weeks.

This is really strange, I had textSize14 in, now (after todays build) it was 28. In all my listviews.. I didn't change that myself.
I set it to 14 again and made a new build. Now it's ok.

However now there are no lines between the items like there was before. I see there is a new config-option in the designer for a listview: ListViewLayout. I will try and see what that does.

I don't see any problem with the font size.

Yes, there are no lines between items.

release notes: " * Improve the performance of ListView using the RecyclerView library (@27vinayvyas)Note: This version of ListView adds significant new functionality, you can Read our updated documentation for the details."

I will read the documentation about the changed listview.

It's a pitty the lines are gone. Hopefully they will be back in a next update.

It might have been better to add the 'new' listview as a second listview type in the designer.


You hit that nail on the head Paul, I agree - it would have made the advanced List View code simpler and easier to apply by the Users. My view is that the Designer Palette is a bit confusing.

I would go further and suggest a separate pallete or sub-pallete for all the list based components:

  • List Picker
  • List View
  • expanded ListView
  • Spinner

They require a Level 2 skill with Lists, and clutter up the Level 1 skilled User Interface pallete.

Except we did that once upon a time with the scrollable versions of arrangements. We can't win either way, but we can fix bugs.

@Paul can you share the project that has issues with the list view font size? I haven't personally observed this myself.

I reviewed an older version of my app.

There are two possibilities of what's wrong:

  1. in the release of the website (designer), the textSize of a listview is set to a larger textsize than it was in the project.
  2. there was a bug in the previous version of the listview which made me set the textSize to 28 to get a textSize of 12 or 13 in the app.

nr. 1 can be tested if i had a project of which I am certain of the textsize i had set. I don't have such a project.
nr. 2 can only be tested when the website with the previous release would be available somewhere.

However, it is ok now after I have set the 28 to 12. Just missing the lines between the listitems.
So perhaps no need of further investigation.

You could try out the version of the companion from, which still runs the previous release. You may also want to check against whether the Screen1 property Sizing is Fixed or Responsive.

Thanks, i will try that later this week.