Affichage de cartes

Maybe use this url- Geoportail

Bonjour ARNAV_TIWARI_11356-2
C'est bien ce même lien que j'ai mis...
C'est curieux tout ça, il y a peut être autre chose à faire ?...

The MIT WebViewer is not a full featured Browser. The Géoportail which displays ok in Chrome does not display in the WebViewer. That web site may have features that cannot render in WebViewer.

You could try one of the WebView extensions and see what happens.

Are you using API or webviewer ?

Le webviewer

just as @SteveJG suggested, maybe you can use the custom webview extension by @vknow360 .
Hope I am right @SteveJG ?

Find the extention here- CustomWebView : An extended form of Web Viewer - Extensions - MIT App Inventor Community

Also is there something like that, this website only works in France ? cause it's not opening for me too.

Je ne sais pas, le lien est Géoportail

Sinon pour l'extension, merci mais j'avoue ne pas être un expert, et ça me semble très compliqué pour moi, à moins que vous me disiez comment faire ?...
je vais essayer, mais là, franchement je me sens un peu dépassé...

Allright, first of all if you dont mind, can we converse in English because french is not my language and it takes time to translate. Second, lets move on to how to do it, fist go to the link I sent, and then click on "here" then you will be directed to github and from there download the full extension. Then go to your project and go to the palete, and click on extensions. fom there import the extension and then maybe you can figure out what to do with the blocks. if you cant send me the aia of you project and tell me what you want to do.

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It is quite likely that English is not the OP's language, and they are having to translate everything you write. This community, predominantly uses English, but because we have the translator, there are no issues with users using their own language to post. Writing in their native language is not the OP's problem!

Please be more accommodating in future.


All right, sorry for that @TIMAI2 .

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Thank you, sorry for the French, but it's because I can't speak English...
So I will translate with Google Translate for my messages...
I attach the .aia file
I would very simply like to be able to choose the card to use according to the user's choice, a project that seemed very simple to me to carry out, it is mainly to learn, there is no really very specific goal for the moment , it will come without delay.
thank you for helping me
Cartes.aia (61.6 KB)

You do not have to, we have the built in translator here

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Its all right, I should be sorry because I forgot about english translation.

Ha merci, c'est sympathique
Pas de problème
Avez vous eu mon fichier .aia ?
J'essais de me débrouiller avec l'extention, mais oh la la c'est difficile pour moi...

yes i have got it but its getting quite late in my country, so I will try to solve your problem by tomorrow .

also if you want to ping someone, type "@" and the type their name for e.g.- @ARNAV_TIWARI_11356-2

Merci bonne soirée, pour moi en France, il est 18h00 et il se fait tard aussi :grinning:

22: 45 in New Delhi, India.

Bonne nuit alors :wink: