Advanced Location Sensor (Niclas Gins Free Extension) Crash

I'm trying to use the "Advanced Position Sensor" extension.
It works fine when debugging in all companions, but the app crashes when I install the compiled app.
I use the aia ile from author.

what's wrong
thank's paolo

when exactly does the app crash? any screenshot of your relevant blocks?

use logcat fo find out more about that runtime error

then post the relevant part here


Niclas's extension works fine when compiled on an Android 8.1 for me. Perhaps you are using Android 11 or 12?

This is his AdvancedLocationSensor.aix , not Advanced Position Sensor

I simply use aia at the end of the page.. android 10 on xiaomy MiA2

The published aia has several issues when compiled on some versions of Android:

  • Android 8.1 compiles fine on my tablet; Android 11 on my cell does not work properly

  • Androids 10+ evidently require additional Location permissions

  • Niclas' extension uses the Dendritas Table1.aix , When I remove the aix I can compile it on an Android 11.

  • with the aix attached to the aia, it compiles but the app spawns a Runtime Error; Failed resolution of Lorg/acra/ACRA; and asks to close the app

  • the NMEA display capability of the AdvancedLocationSensor.aix does not work at all to identify the NMEA sentences.

  • other issues. :cry:

You might contact Niclas and see if he intends to update the extension(s) for Androids 10+

Here is a partial fix that compiles a modification of Niclas' aia. What the 'fix' does not do is address the issue where Niclas' NmeaReceived Block no longer works because the java code he uses to extract NMEA sentences no longer works in Androids 7+ . He has to modified his code if he so desires.

Also permissions added for LocationSensor and the Provider is set to gps and Locked.