Add items to list with two screens

Hi everyone,

I'm sorry if my question is too silly. I need help with adding new items to old list across screens.

Screen 1.

Displaying the final list with all items previously added.

Screen 2

Calculated items and add them to list to display on Screen 1.

I want to have a list on Screen 1, after pressing button "Add More" user is taken to Screen 2, he adds another item, then pressing "Show All" and taken to Screen 1, where he can see all items added in a list (those that he added just one and those added before).

I would really appreciate some help here.

Thank you in advance

In my opinion it can, but I have to try it can I add data to the listview on screen1?
can you send the aia file to me so i can try it with my logic? :+1: :smiley: :+1:

CarLog1-2.aia (14.0 KB)

Here is file. :slight_smile:

Okay @szum thank you, and I will try it all I can

See FAQ Section: Advice
article Use Screens Wisely

Store the list in a tinyDB. That way it will be stored on the computer and if the bucket name is the same, you can have the list on both screens.

I understand this, but my logic cannot understand how to do this that its actually stores the list and then adds new ones.

Learn about using lists:

General Tutorials

I know all those things, I cannot make it work across the screens. Can anyone show an example on how to do this?

As @Xtendera has said, save your data to a tinydb, ensure you have a tinydb component with the same namespace in your other screen/s, then the tag will be available to use.

These two posts may help you:

HOWTO: Transfer data between screens using Start Value Demo.

HOWTO: Transfer data between screens using TinyDB Demo.

It doesn't save the data, ones I add more, it' displays only the latest value.

I passed down from second screen a value as a list, the displayed it using list viewer, than saved to Tiny DB. Why when I go back to second screen to add new value and return with new value to display it shows only the latest value but not previously stored items?

It's always showing just one last input. What is wrong here?

Your blocks are all over the place and will not be saving data as you wish.

If you can hang on for fifteen minutes, I am just finishing a tutorial which should help you.

Here you are:

Thank you very much. Clearer now, and saves items in list. Now just have to adjust to my app.

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