Add dictionary entries to list, incremental then display in a list?

Im trying to make a simple event calendar program. I want the user to be able to see a list of events by title and date. Events can be created by the user. I'm trying to have it so the user creates an event which is stored in a dictionary then maybe each dictionary is put into a list. and list is shown on the events calendar page? How would I do that. I'm very new to this. all help is appreciated.

Store into dictionary events and then save in tinyDb.
To easy get a specific value of all the data (ex. All the title you can use the list by walking block

Probably the best way could be to set a key (like a title) and under this key you have to store all the informations .

Here some guide to learn dictionary :point_right:t2: GUIDE

If you use dates as tags, you get them by date:

This sample uses one tag/value per date.

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So this is my event creation page

And this is the page i want to show the events by date and title

I added events to list, and tried to show them by walking key path in the second screen. of course its not working though.

I am so lost, Im very knew to this.

You are working blind if you don't use the Companion and the Blocks Editor Do It to show what is in those global variables you forgot to update.


Using the event title as a tag will assign one event per tag, in alphabetical order.

If you build up a JOIN of (yyyy.MM.dd title) your tags will list in chronological order, probably more useful.

The eventlist global variable is unnecessary, since your TinyDB tags and values are your event list.

YAML format is an easy way to list compound data:

Is this what you mean by joining for the tag? I've also removed the add to list component. as well as the global variable eventListVariables.

When i try to access the dictionary in list view on another page i get errors.

So I've still been trying and trying. I've made some progress with a total rework. but still getting issues.

I'm getting Null errors. Keep in mind im trying to obtain data in one screen and show it on a different one. This is my form for data collection screen.

Then on my screen that should show the list.

Please if you can provide examples I would really appreciate it. Here is my file.
testproject (1).aia (10.8 KB)

Thank you thank you!

I have switched your category to iOS, which I don't know if it supports dictionaries yet.

This should get you started.

Create an Event blocks:



testproject1.aia (9.5 KB)

The TinyDB tags are chronological, forcing 2 digit MM and dd, followed by title.

Do your searching on the TinyDB tags list, using advanced list blocks.

Because TinyDB is shared across apps in the Companion, only dictionaries are listed, to exclude other projects' data.

Screen switching was corrected to avoid pileups. Close as often as you open.

I have no experience with iOS, but from what I have read in several topics, the iOS version has a problem with the Initialize block. So what is in the Initialize block may not be executed.

Thank you! I will try this tonight!